La Doña Season 2 Cast

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La Doña Season 2 Cast, Story and etc.

La Doña is an one of the most popular Mexican Television drama series, La Dona Seaon 1 released on November 29, 2016, And season 2 released on 13th of January 2020.

Season 01 Episodes 120

Season 02 Episodes 42

La Doña Season 2 Cast   

Aracely Arámbula – Altagracia Sandoval “La Doña”
Carlos Ponce as León Contreras
David Zepeda as José Luis Navarrete

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La Doña Season 2 Cast

La Doña Season 2 Cast

La Doña Stor/Plot

Altagracia is a beautiful, successful woman with a terrible past.

As a teenager, she was raped, it was done by masked people.

After this misfortune, which fell on the head of a young girl, her daughter was born. The child personified the nightmare experienced by her.

She abandoned her daughter. Then Altagracia closed her soul from love and became hardened. She became a successful business woman with a severe temper and a stony heart, she was given the nickname “Donya”.

Many years later, Donya’s heart began to beat fast – she fell in love with lawyer Saul Agira. And at the same time, her daughter appears – Monica Hernandez. Unaware of the relationship, women fall in love with Saul’s lawyer.

What will Altagracia do now: will he again renounce his daughter or his love?


La Doña Cast

Aracely Arámbula – Algracia
David Chocarro – Saul
Danna Paola – Monica
Rebecca Jones – Yesenia
Odiseo Bichir – Lazaro
Gabriela Roel – Azucene
Andrea Martí – Regina
Juan Ríos Cantú – Raphael
Diego Soldano – Daniel
Daniela Bascopé – Valeria
Mauricio Isaac – Justino
Fátima Molina – Lydia
José María Galeano – Braulio
Vanesa Restrepo – Jimena
Juan Carlos Remolina – Miguel

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La Doña Production

Original title: La Doña
Production: Argos Comunicación, Telemundo Studios
Producer: José Vicente Spataro
Director: Carlos Villegas Rosales, Carlos Santos
Screenwriter: Basilio Álvarez, Gerardo Cadena, Illay Eskinazi, José Vicente Spataro, Yutzil Martínez
Genre: Soap Opera
Premiere: November 29, 2016
Number of episodes: 120

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