Kuzey Güney Cast

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Kuzey Güney is a new Turkish TV series Brothers has appeared, which will certainly appeal to all those who like to watch dramatic love stories. From the name of the television series, it is not difficult to guess that its plot will unfold, just around two brothers, one is called Kuzey, and the second is Gunia. No matter how trite it may sound, these guys are completely different and do not look alike. Moreover, it seems that apart from the family, nothing else unites them, that is how it was until she appeared – a charming girl named Jemre.

Kuzey Güney Cast

Kuzey Güney Cast

Love, family and passion are a great trio that can turn into a mind-blowing story on which to build a multi-part fascinating series. As mentioned above, this television series will especially appeal to all those who like to watch both films and television series from the drama genre, as well as to all viewers who watch Turkish series, which in turn have recently become very popular in CIS countries. Honestly, this is not surprising, since Turkey creates really high-quality, interesting TV shows, which are watched by the whole world.

Alas, so far no one knows how events will develop in this small triangle of love. However, if you want to find out, you should definitely start watching thve Turkish TV series Brothers, and believe me, you will get a lot of pleasure from watching this fascinating, intriguing story.

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Actors and Roles

Kivanch Tatlitug
Bugra Gyulsoy
Eikyu Karael
Mustafa Avkiran
Semra Dinzer
Zerrin Tekindor
Bad Iskil
Riza Kokaoglu
Onur Ezturk

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