Koyu Kirmizi Turkish Dizi

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This article is all about Koyu Kirmizi Turkish Dizi Story, Cast, Plot, Episodes, Season and more information about Most Famous Turkish TV series’s of all the time.

Koyu Kirmizi Turkish Dizi 

Koyu Kirmizi Turkish Dizi


Koyu Kirmizi Turkish Dizi Story

The protagonist of the series Koyu Kirmizi (Meaning : Dark Red ) is a school teacher named Jamil. The life of a young man is filled with pain and worries for the only native person.

After work, he devotes all his free time to his own sister, who is seriously ill and needs urgent surgical intervention. In attempts to get money for expensive treatment, he finds out that he has a very rare blood type and if he becomes a donor, he will be well paid.

At the same time, Umit appears in the series Dark Red / Koyu Kirmizi. Umit – the wife of Mahir, never needed money and lived a luxurious life. She was lucky to be born in a wealthy family and marry successfully. But fate presents her with new challenges. One fine day, she gets into a car accident. An ambulance delivers her in serious condition to the nearest hospital.

The husband and parents are not happy that their daughter will not receive treatment at a prestigious private clinic, but they can’t do anything.

Umit is on the verge of life and death, and transportation will be hazardous to health. In search of a donor, Mahir met with Jamil and persuaded him to donate blood urgently for a good reward for his wife. Despite the fact that he only recently donated blood, he still decides to risk his health and donate blood again. Time passed, Umit got better, and Jamil had to turn to Mahir for financial help. The man spoiled by money was indifferent to the grief of the donor and refused him. To find out what reckless step Jamil will take you should have to watch the series Koyu Kirmizi.



Başrol Özgü Namal, Atıl İnaç, Ulaş İnaç, İpek Bilgin, Ozan Güven, Engin Hepileri, Muhammet Uzuner, Zeynep Özder.

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