Kocamin Ailesi 1 Turkish Dizi

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Kocamin Ailesi 1 Turkish Dizi, Here is more information about Cast, Plot, Story, Seasons, Episodes and more about Best Turkish TV Series.

Kocamin Ailesi 1 Turkish Dizi

Kocamin Ailesi 1 Turkish Dizi

Plot / Story

This is a Turkish comedy series “Kocamin Ailesi”  in 2014, Which broadcast 2 Seasons from 2014 to 2015. It’s a story about a young girl named Yonje. For a very long time, she could not restore order in her personal life, and always wanted to find the ideal man to build the ideal, in her mind, family.

Yonje even mentally painted the image of who she needed, and could clearly describe the behavior and habits of her future husband. At one point, the girl manages to find a faithful companion.

Tariq is a beautiful, kind, understanding surgeon with a good sense of humor. He was educated at the University of Germany and returned to his native land with only one goal – to help people. The hero of the series My husband’s family already had a family in the past.

But, to grief, Tariq was widowed – an incurable disease was discovered in his wife. The man had in his arms a little son who had lost his mother. Yonja is absolutely confident in her feelings and is ready to be the best mom to the boy. At least now she can put on a dress and legalize the relationship.

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There was the last nuance – meeting with relatives. Together the main characters of the series My husband’s family are sent to Tarik’s house. There, a young clan of relatives is waiting for the young couple, and it turns out that not everyone is hard-earned.

However, everyone lives together. The girl is a little dumbfounded by what is happening, because she is not used to such a noisy company. Nevertheless, the most interesting begins on the day of the meeting of relatives on both sides. Two completely different clans do not immediately find a common language.

Despite this, everyone wishes the newlyweds happiness. But the interpretation of a happy life, oddly enough, among the representatives of families is radically different.


Cast of Kocamin Ailesi

Selen Seyven (Yonja Uygun)

Gokhan Alkan (Taryk)

Eshim Salkym (Sheniz Yenge)

Serai Kaya (Mirai)

Aisha Neil Shamlyoglu (Mukadder)

Zuhal Yalchyn (Esma)

Shekhsuvar Aktash (Gazenkülfült)

Yıldız Külfült (Yazen Külfütl)

Yıldız Külfült ) Genjo Ozak (Dzhan)

Erman Okay (Zafer)

Beren Gokyildyz (Pelin)

Kadir Kandemir (Hakan)

Denizkhan Kynadzhigil (Umit)

Ahmet Kayakesen (Fatih)

Buse Arslan (Gulay)

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