Kimse Bilmez Cast

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Kimse Bilmez Cast, Story, Plot, Episodes and more information about most famous Turkish TV Series. Acting by Ali Ozgyu Kaya, Serdar Chanal, Suleiman Engin Hepileri,Uygar Mehmet Ali Kaptanlar.

Kimse Bilmez Cast

Kimse Bilmez Cast


The plot of the Turkish series No One Knows / Kimse Bilmez is the story of a boy named Ali. When he and his younger brother Suleiman were children, a terrible tragedy happened to their parents, which doomed the boys to grow up in an orphanage.

In a public institution, they immediately noticed a feature of Ali. Soon, the special services also became aware of the boy who sees in the dark. This feature turned out to be useful for them, so it was decided to pick him up from the orphanage in order to reveal his talents even more. So the orphaned brothers lost contact for many years.

It took a long time until Ali managed to find information about Suleiman and went in search of him. The track leads him to a dysfunctional quarter, where he decides to rent a room in a hotel. He did not have time to settle down in the room when a stranger knocked on his door with requests for help. This intruder was Sevda.

The girl was in a dangerous situation and needed protection, she had no choice but to knock on the first doors that came across and pray for help. Ali could not leave the shaking girl in fear in trouble, so he postponed the search for his brother and began to help Sevda.

This is one of the best Turkish tv series and find out how a chance acquaintance forever changed the lives of Ali and Sevda. Overcoming all the troubles they learn true love.

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Ali Ozgyu Kaya

Sevda Burak Serdar Chanal

Suleiman Engin Hepileri

Uygar Mehmet Ali Kaptanlar

Sebahat Kumash

Duigu Zekhra Yilmaz

Tugce Ozlem Bashkaya

Hayriye Taner Turan

Bekesjalan Adan

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