Kayitdisi Turkish TV Series Cast

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Kayitdisi Turkish TV Series Cast, Plot & Story. Kayitdisi dizi is Erkan Petekkaya’s story, and One of the best Turkish action, political TV series.

Kayitdisi Turkish TV Series Cast, Plot & Story
Kayitdisi Turkish TV Series Cast, Plot & Story


Story/ Plot

The Turkish TV series Kayitdisi (Meaning No Protocol ) is a fresh film directed by Cevdett Mercan. He is one of the most recognized in Bollywood. This time Cevdett will delight the audience with a spectacular and vivid story about the agent. He has a difficult job ahead of him. The main task is to suspend the activities of the international crime syndicate. But to accomplish such a difficult task, sacrifices must be made. The special agent becomes a member of the gang, continuing to conduct an undercover investigation.

Cevdett realizes that from now on he and his family are under mortal threat. But the decision has to be made quickly, so the agent does not hesitate to make a choice. The action of the picture revolves not only around the main character. In the Turkish TV series “Without Protocol” there are other, no less vivid characters. Take Esru, for example. She is wise and never refuses to help others. People are drawn to the girl, which is very noticeable. Another favorite of the audience is a beautiful woman doctor, played by Songyul Oden. She is characterized by severity, scrupulousness and a serious attitude towards life.

Other heroes are also strong-willed and inevitably influence the development of events in the Turkish TV series Kayitdisi, striking with their charisma and unique set of qualities. As for the genre, it is rather a contrasting drama with unexpected twists and notes of crime. The series is large-scale, compared to similar Indian ones, and it is undoubtedly worth watching.


Cast by

Erkan Petekkaya

Songyul Oden

Dolunay Soysert

Nur Sürer

Ali Dusenkalkar

Burak Yamantürk

Ismail Serdzhioglu


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