Karadayi Season 2

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Karadayi Season 2 Most likely, many of you have already seen the announcement of this new Turkish production TV series. Strange as it may seem, Turkish TV series have recently become very popular among viewers. And apparently the people who are filming these series have understood this and that’s why they have released a new Turkish series Karadai.

Karadayi Season 2

Karadayi Season 2


So, the plot of this story takes place in 1971 in Turkey in a small town. The main character of this television series is a young man named Mahir, it is around him and his family that the events of this series revolve. Oddly enough, life goes on quietly, calmly, measured, but one day everything turns upside down … The fact is that the head of this family is accused of murder and immediately charged, and the worst thing is that for this he will have to pay with his own life, because he faces the death penalty.

Of course, all family members are shocked by what fate has given them. And now it seems that nothing can save the head of the family from death. However, Mahir is not going to sit idly by, he will do everything in order to prove his father’s innocence, although he does not have much time for that. Immediately after that, he begins to conduct his own investigation, since they understand that there is no point in waiting for help from the local police. After some time, Mahir realizes that the case is so complicated that he still has not even managed to fall on the trail of the real killer. But Mahir is unlikely to surrender, because the life of his own father is at stake.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether this person can manage to save a loved one of imminent death. So if you want to know what will happen rest then you should start to watch Karadayi Season 2.

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Kenan Imirzaliolu
Berg Zar Korel
Etin Tekindor
Yavuz Bingol
Riza Kocaoglu
Gulsan Aslan
Melike Yalova
Lila Gurmen
Erkan Avc
Atsiz Karduman
Yurdaer Okur

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