Kalp Atisi Cast

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Kalp Atisi cast, story summery and more. Kalp Atisi, Meaning Heartbeat is 2017 to 2018  most popular comedy drama Turkish series.

Kalp Atisi Cast

Kalp Atisi Cast


Story Summery 

The Turkish TV series Kalp Atisi (Meaning: Heartbeat) is by no means an old television series with a hackneyed theme. This is something new and incredibly interesting to see. Ever since childhood, we have always been told that no matter how terrible this world is, sooner or later someone appears who will prove the opposite.

Actually, it will be so in this story. It all starts when one day, in a small village in a lyceum, an 18-year-old student Eilul is given an excellent chance, a chance to build her bright future. After all, there was someone who is ready to help. This person turned out to be Ali Asaf Denizoglu. It is thanks to this teacher that our main character becomes a doctor.

It would seem that this can be the end of this story. But, everything is exactly the opposite. Indeed, a few years later, the aforementioned characters meet again, but this time under the roof of one of the best clinics in Istanbul. You will know what will happen next after you start watching Heartbeat online. And, believe me, there is really something to see here.

Cast by

Gökhan Alkan
Öykü Karayel
Ege Kökenli
Burak Ceylan
Hakan Gerçek
Fatih Dönmez
Burcu Türünz
Baris Aytac

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