Kacin Kurasi AKA Rengarenk Cast

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Here is all about Kacin Kurasi AKA Rengarenk Cast, Plot, Summery and Production.

Production: NTC Medya
Director: Kerem Chakiroglu / Kerem Çakıroğlu
Screenwriter: Engin Elgün

Kacin Kurasi AKA Rengarenk Cast

Kacin Kurasi AKA Rengarenk Cast


This series was broadcast on the ATV channel under the name “Multi-Colored / Rengarenk”, but due to low ratings the producers decided to change the whole concept, they changed the name, now called “Skilled / Kaçın Kurası”, new heroes and actors appeared in it.

Renk keeps mourning, put an end to love, devoted her whole life to work. But Barysh, who came from America, with his instant decisions, unconcerned behavior, fun adventures, colors Renk’s black and white life in different colors.

Barysh stubbornly denies that Renk impressed him. He comes home to his family, which he left 10 years ago, and faces the past, although he believed that everything had been forgotten.

This couple, who persistently ran away from the relationship of a man and a woman, having met, fall into an unexpected situation.

Before Barysh there are two ways: the path that he chooses will determine both his fate and the fate of Renk.

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