Juana Inés Netflix Cast

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Juana Inés Netflix Cast, Story, Summary, Episodes and more.

Juana Inés Netflix Cast

Juana Inés Netflix Cast

Many secrets surround the figure of Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz: her dubious connection with the church hierarchy, the nature of her passions, which are also the reason for her silence.

Her personality inspired the creation of this art series, which is full of various interpretations of her life and work. Imagine a woman who, despite the foundations of her time, is hopelessly trying to find a suitable place for her intellectual development.

The series “Juana Ines”, directed and produced by Patricia Arriaga, turned out to be an excellent study of a woman and her role in society for centuries.

Sister Juan is fighting in the world of men for her rights and for her desire for knowledge and the ability to write, this is the character who can give a lot even at the present moment of our social life.

According to the actress Arselia Ramirez, we still live in a society where women are oppressed and under control, they have less value, should play the role of the sole “guardian of the hearth”, without the right to freedom and to our ideas.


Arcelia Ramírez – Sister Juan Ines
Arantza Ruiz – Young Juana Ines
Hernán del Riego – Padre Antonio
Margarita Sanz – Sister Maria
Lisa Owen – Leonor
Yolanda Corrales – Maria Luisa
Pedro de Tavira Egurrola – Carlos
Alberto Collado – Ignacio
Rocío García – Joseph
Luis Maya – Padre Carlos

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Original title: Juana Inés
Production: Canal Once and Bravo Films
Producer: Patricia Arriaga Jordán
Director: Emilio Maillé, Patricia Arriaga, Julián de Tavira
Screenwriter: Patricia Arriaga, Monika Revilla, Javier Peñalosa
Genre: Drama
Premiere: March 26, 2016

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