James Dean will be resurrected using computer graphics

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The creators of the military drama Finding Jack said that the second most important role in their film will play … James Dean. The Hollywood legend will be resurrected by means of computer graphics: on the screen we will see CGI, and the actor with the voice similar to Dean’s voice will voice the role (such an artist has not yet been found, but it is unlikely to be a problem).

The film will be dedicated to 10 thousand war dogs, dead, missing and abandoned on the battlefields in Vietnam. The main character is an American Fletcher Carson, experiencing a personal tragedy.

Having lost all desire to live, he goes to Vietnam: Fletcher hopes to die in battle, but one day he finds a badly wounded Labrador. Caring for the dog becomes the main business of the hero, who regained the will to live. After the war, Carson is separated from the dog, but he is ready to do anything to reunite with a friend.

They will deliver a movie with a $ 40 million budget to Anthon Ernst and Taty Naked. They already received the Dean family’s consent to create a computer image of the actor, which became the symbol of the 50s bit generation and the embodiment of the motto “live fast, die young”

he died in a car accident at the age of 24, colliding head-on on his Porsche 550 Spyder with another car. In a big movie, Dean managed to play in only three films – “East of Paradise”, “Rebel Without an Ideal” and “Giant”.


James Dean will be resurrected using computer graphics

James Dean will be resurrected using computer graphics

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Dean’s “Resurrection” is the first time that a sufficiently large timing role will be assigned to the CG image. Earlier, photorealistic models of deceased actors were also used, but in short episodes: in Gladiator, Ridley Scott used the CG image of Oliver Reid, who died during the filming, in the retro-saif “Sky Captain and the World of the Future” we saw Lawrence Olivier, and in the back -offe “Star Wars” “Rogue One” appeared “resurrected” Peter Cushing.

The practice of computer “rejuvenation” of living artists is also in use: just remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in the fourth “Terminator”, Brad Pitt in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and Will Smith in “Gemini”. And those who have already watched the Irish say that rejuvenated Al Pacino and Robert De Niro look extremely convincing.

The hero of Dean’s name is Rogan – that’s all that is known about him today (however, those who read the novel by Gareth Crocker, which is the basis of the script of Maria Owl, probably know more).

Director Ernst assures that the character is so complex that the months of casting did not work, and therefore the authors of the film decided to “resurrect” Dean, who, in their opinion, is ideally suited for this role. The technical side of the issue will be handled by two visual effects companies – the Canadian Imagine Engine and the South African MOI Worldwide.

The idea of ​​Ernst and Naked, who also act as producers of the picture, has already caused a negative reaction of some Hollywood figures. For example, Chris Evans wrote on his Twitter that “this is terrible” and reinforced his opinion with vivid examples: “Well, let’s get a computer to paint a new picture of Picasso. Or write a couple of new John Lennon songs. A complete lack of understanding of the problem is a shame.

” Repeats to him (also on Twitter) and Elijah Wood: “NO. This should not happen. ” Devon Sava, who was auditioning for another role in the same film, “In Search of Jack,” is also at a loss: “Couldn’t they give this role to a living actor?” Finally, actress Zelda Williams, daughter of the late Robin Williams, while categorically forbidding to use his image for 25 years after his death, he also tries to warn filmmakers from taking a rash step: “Is it a publicity stunt or not, but using dead actors solely to speculate on their popularity is a terrible precedent.”

The pre-production of the action drama “Finding Jack” will begin on November 17, and the film will be released on November 11, 2020 – on Veterans Day.

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