Is there a sequel to the movie venom?

Is there a sequel to the movie venom? post thumbnail image
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Talking to the press at the BAFTA British Film Academy Awards, Venom 2 director Andy Serkis outlined how work is continuing on the sequel.

The director did not disclose the details and only hinted that in the sequel they intend to examine in more detail the relationship of Eddie Brock with the alien symbiote.

“You understand, I cannot go into details. Boredom, I know, but we’ve had 40 days of filming, and that’s really cool, ”says Serkis.

The film has a delightful Tom Hardy, who, of course, is at the center of the story. And we kind of delve into the relationship between him and [Venon], and, of course, there is an antagonist. That’s all I can say”.


Is there a sequel to the movie venom?

Is there a sequel to the movie venom?

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“Venom” is the story of journalist Eddie Brock, who decided to disclose the activities of a suspicious international corporation.

A trip to the forbidden object of the company turns into a complete nightmare for him: Eddie becomes a carrier of an alien symbiote. But the corporation is not going to just give up its property and begins the hunt for Brock and his new friend.

Details of the sequel are not disclosed. It is assumed that the plot of the second film will be the confrontation between Venom and serial killer Cletus Cassady, in the role of which Woody Harrelson will return.

Combining with another symbiote (in the comics it was the offspring of Venom), Cassidy from an ordinary maniac turned into a bloodthirsty monster, whose main goal is to kill and maim. With the help of the crazy supervillain Squeal (Naomi Harris) Cassidy plans to arrange a massive massacre in the city.

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