Insensato Coração Elenco

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The Brazilian TV series English meaning is “Reckless Heart” is so cool that many should look up to it. After looking at just a few episodes, you will immediately understand why this is so.

Insensato Coração Elenco

Insensato Coração Elenco


The protagonist of this rather recent story is Pedro Brandau, a young man. He is not only an excellent pilot, but also a good person who radiates goodness. Once, during a regular voyage, Pedro met a young woman, an attractive Marina. It should be noted that the situation was as follows. Unknown persons decided to hijack the plane and the entire crew, including personnel. However, the attackers did not take into account one thing, namely the fact that Pedro decided to stop them.

Ultimately, the main character of this story became not only a hero in the eyes of all passengers, but also attracted Marina. Be that as it may, but Pedro realizes that he also developed a mutual sympathy. But, despite this, he cannot admit his feelings to Marina. And all for the reason that very soon he will marry Luciana.

Now let’s move on to the fun part. It turns out that Luciana is Marina’s best childhood friend. None of them even suspects what connects them with each other. What will happen next?

How will events unfold? Will there be a wedding between Luciana and Pedro? We will get an answer to this and many other questions when we start watching Reckless Heart “Insensato Coracao”.

Insensato Coração Elenco

Gabriel Braga Nunes
Paolla Oliveira
Camila Pitanga
Eriberto Leão
Antônio Fagundes
Glória Pires
Marcelo Valle
Paloma Bernardi
Bete Mendes
Herson Capri
Deborah Secco Deborah
Deborah Evelyn
Lázaro Ramos
Maria Clara Gueiros
Natália do Vale
Giovanna Lancellotti
Paloma Bernardi
Bete Mendes
Herson Capri
Jonatas Faro
Leonardo Miggiorin

If your a fan of The Brazilian TV series then this is an amazing one to watch and won a many awards in brazil include Best Actor (Melhor Ator), Best Supporting Actress (Melhor Atriz Coadjuvante), Best Drama (Melhor Novela), Best Actress (Melhor Atriz), Best Supporting Actor (Melhor Ator Coadjuvante).

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