Insanlik Sucu Plot and Cast

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New Turkish TV series Insanlik Sucu Insanlik Sucu Plot and Cast, Insanlik Sucu is one of the most popular TV Series in Turkey which was started to shows Season 1 from 2018.

Insanlik Sucu Plot and Cast

Insanlik Sucu Plot and Cast

Story by

The Turkish series “Insanlik Sucu” allows you to examine the plot of the famous novel by Theodore Dreiser “American Tragedy” from a completely different angle. Although the author of the book tells about the problems of people living in the USA, the film was shot taking into account the Turkish mentality.

This is a completely new project, which is presented by a remake of the famous painting “Place in the Sun.” The main characters of the series Human wine were a girl named Suna, a pupil of wealthy parents, and an ordinary hardworking guy – a native of the village. Young people accidentally intersect during a walk, and almost immediately fall in love with each other.

The girl reciprocates despite the financial insolvency of Jemal. The couple begins to meet, but they do it secretly, as society does not accept such relationships. It all started with night walks and, it would seem, a bright future awaits Sun and Jemal. But at one point, the girl learns about the past of her lover. As it turned out, only Jemal’s parents are in poverty. But his closest relatives are far from ordinary people. The guy himself did not understand that he always had the opportunity to get out of poverty.

Just before his death, his father informs him of a rich uncle from the capital, who is ready to give his niece part of the acquired. Over time, another girl appears in Jemal’s life who is trying to recapture her fiancé from Suna. A kind of love triangle forms, forcing the heroes of the Turkish series Insanlik Sucu to survive difficult situations.


Cast by 

Kaan Yildirim

Cemal Gizem Karaj

Suna Melike Ipek Yalova

Jevher Ahmet Myumtaz Taylan

Sami Serkay Tyutyunji

Gokhan Lachin Ceylan

Hulia Deniz Ugur

Emel Dzhankat Aydos

Selim Jansu Dagdelen

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