Indiana Jones 5 Coming Soon!

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Indiana Jones 5 Coming on 2021

Performer of the role of Indiana Jones Harrison Ford specified the shooting schedule of the fifth film, dedicated to the famous archaeologist and adventurer. In an interview with CBS, he said that he would begin work “in about two months.”

“I always enjoy returning to these characters. We have the opportunity to make another film only because they are still in demand by the audience. I consider it my duty to make sure that our plans are as ambitious as at the very beginning. we have a sense of responsibility towards our customers, “he commented.


Indiana Jones 5 Coming Soon!

Indiana Jones 5 Coming Soon!


Ford emphasized that the word “client” in this case he likes much more than “fan”. “The very definition of“ fan ”seems to me a little strange and always seemed.

These people support my business, and I am responsible to them for the quality of services that I offer, I like this way of posing the question more,” he added.

When asked about the main challenges he faces, returning to the images that were created many years ago, Ford said that he always strives “not to look stupid.” “It’s not easy to get into all these tight pants and high shoes again,” he joked.

The release of the film with the working title “Indiana Jones 5” is scheduled for the summer of 2021.

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