Inadina Yasamak

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Inadina Yasamak is the Turkish television series Live in spite of everything – will tell all of us a rather extraordinary story, which simply does not exist. Therefore, we recommend that you start watching this captivating television series of Turkish production, as it has everything that should be present in a truly interesting and exciting series.

Inadina Yasamak
Inadina Yasamak


Rydvan and Asie are forced to leave their blood, five-year-old child Chinar to one married couple. The young family had to make a difficult decision.

After some time, Zeyneb and Ali met for the first time, and no matter how corny it may sound, they fell in love with each other at first sight. It is not difficult to guess that love comes to the fore, just against the background of love and the events of this very unusual, intriguing story will unfold. And at the same time, in the background, we will see how something big will gradually be prepared – an insidious and rather cruel plan of retaliation …

Honestly, the series is really interesting, if you like fascinating Turkish TV series, mysteries and intrigues, then you should definitely watch the Turkish TV series Live Against All, and believe me, you will definitely like it and you will not be able to stop watching it!

Actors and roles

Oktay Kaynarca – Oktay Kaynarca
Sanem Celik (Zeyneb)
Murat Unalmysh (Ali)
Levent Ulgen
Nilufer Achykalyn
Oedipus Saner (Rydvan)
Acelia Yilhan (Assie)
Bulent Polat
Denise Capezza
Doruk Ozermanoglu (Chinar)
Pelin Akyl
Sedat Kalkavan
Taner cindoruk
Taner rumeli
Alican Albayrak

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