İffet Turkish Romantic TV Series Cast

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İffet Turkish Romantic TV Series Cast and Story. İffet is famous romantic drama created by Zülküf Yücel. Starred by Deniz Çakir, Birsen Dürülü and Ibrahim Celikkol,

İffet Turkish Romantic TV Series Cast

İffet Turkish Romantic TV Series Cast

Story/ Plot

The Turkish TV series Iffet is the story of a young attractive girl named Iffet, who has to go through difficult times. Once again, the root of the problem has become love  a contradictory feeling, simultaneously giving rise to a new life and breaking destinies, breaking the hearts of millions.

The faithful companion of cruel love always turns out to be betrayal, playing a race with an innocent display of sincere warmth and affection. Iffet is faced with a very difficult situation. Then, as the world presents her with trials, relatives and loved ones turn away from the girl.

Iffet is deprived of any support, and now she has to overcome the difficult path alone. It all started with the fact that Iffet fell in love with Jamal, and the guy, in turn, reciprocated. But there will always be someone who will cross the path of happiness, and in this story, the girl’s dad turns out to be the opponent of the relationship of young people. He, to put it mildly, does not like Jamal, because the hero of the Turkish TV series Iffet does not occupy a prestigious position, and in general belongs to the lower classes.

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The couple have to get out. They keep dating no matter what, and Iffet eventually becomes pregnant. Soon the father finds out about his daughter’s situation, and this enrages him. He is so angry that in the heat of the moment he beats Iffet badly, and she has a miscarriage. But the nightmare is just beginning. While the failed mother is going through conflict situations caused by the indignation of relatives, Jamal decides to leave the city, and at the same time – his girlfriend.

Now Iffett had nothing left to treasure. Her life is broken, so the heroine of the series comes to the conclusion that she has nothing else to do in this world, and decides to cut her veins. Fortunately, the people nearby do not allow the girl to commit suicide. But Iffet is completely at a loss. She has no motivation to move on, and the only one who supports her is a friend named Ferhunda.


Deniz Chakir,

Ibrahim Celikkol,

Zuhal Olkay,

Mehmet Sevik,

Melike Guner,

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