Hercai Series 2019 Turkish Romantic Dizi

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Hercai Series 2019

Hercai Series 2019 Turkish Romantic Dizi

Hercai Series 2019 Turkish Romantic Dizi

Original title: Hercai
Production: Mia Yapım
Producer: Banu Akdeniz / Banu Akdeniz
Director: Cem Karci; Benal Tahiri

Screenwriter: Sümeyye Ezel (12 episodes, 2019)

Eda Tezcan (12 episodes, 2019)

Pelin Gülcan (6 episodes, 2019)

Feraye Sahin (6 episodes, 2019)

Bersan Tan (6 episodes, 2019)

Özge Basak Arslan (2 episodes, 2019)

Zeynep Arslanpay (2 episodes, 2019);

Genre: Drama

Premiere: 03/15/2019 on the Atv channel


The slogan describing his plot was the phrase:

The story of impossible love born of revenge.
The creators of the series assure that the audience with bated breath will follow the events.

Miran Aslanbey businessman who came from Istanbul to Midyat. He offers Nasuh Shadoglu more than a business partnership – he asks for the hand and heart of his granddaughter Rayan.

However, the head of the most powerful family in this region has other plans – he will give his granddaughter for him, but only another.

While Nasuh is trying to introduce him to his plans, he does not know that Miran has his own plan. He and his grandmother intend to avenge the Shadoglu family for the death of his parents.

Miran marries Rayyan and leaves her the next day, after the wedding. Only they did not take into account one thing – love.

How will the fate of two families affect love revived in the millennial lands of Midyat? Will the handsome businessman from Istanbul and Reyan, whose legends make up beauty, be able to reunite? Complex tests are waiting for young people who have fallen in love at first sight.

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Akın Akınözü – Miran Aslanbey
Ebru Шахahin – Reyan Shadoglu
Ayda Aksel – Azize Aslanbey
Ebrar Alya Demirbilek / Ebrar Alya Demirbilek – Gul Shadoglu
Oya Unustası – Oya Unustası – Gönul Aslanbey
Tansu Taşanlar – Azat Shadoglu
Gülçin Hatıhan – Handan Shadoglu
Serhat Tutumluer – Khazar Shadoglu
Feride Четetin – Zehra Shadoglu
Gulchin Santıroğlu / Gülçin Santıroğlu – Sultan Aslanbey
Majit Sokan – Macit Sokan – Nasuh Shadoglu
Eli Erkök –  İlay Erkök – Yaren Shadoglu
Inji Shen –  İnci Şen – Nigar Katarzhi
Eda Başlamışlı – Elif Aslanbey
Duygu Yetis – Duygu Yetis – Elif Aslanbey
Serdar Özer – Cihan Shadoglu
Jahit Gök – Firat Demiralp
Gunes Hayat – Esma Demiralp
Asli Samat – Melik
Aydan Burhan – Hanifa
Eylem Tanriver – Kerime
Gokhan Yavuz – Rysa
Can Sarp Ikiler – Caner
Aydan Tas – Shehriyar

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