Hayat Sevince Güzel Cast 2016 Dizi

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This article is all about Hayat Sevince Güzel Cast  2016 Dizi, Plo t and Summery.

Production: Limon Film
Producer: Hayri Aslan / Hayri Aslan
Director: Eray Koçak / Eray Koçak
Script: Hula Koper / Hülya Koper
Music: Alpay Göltekin – Zeynep Alasya / Alpay Göltekin – Zeynep Alasya
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Number of episodes: 15

This article is all about Hayat Sevince Güzel Cast  2016 Dizi, Plot and Summery. Cast by Ekin Mert Daymaz, Algı Eke, Burak еликelik and Oikyu Celik.
Hayat Sevince Güzel Cast 2016 Dizi

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The Goher family fleeing Istanbul, due to the fraud that they committed, find themselves on the Aegean coast.

They crash because of a herd of sheep Zarife, the most eccentric girl in the village. And from this moment the wick of love will light up in a love triangle, between Zarifa, Sasha and Barysh.
Zarifa helps the Shinashi accident victim, she makes an ointment from grass, which grows only in their village.

The Goher family, having seen the miraculous effect of the ointment, decide to find out her recipe.

These three people met by chance nothing more in life will not be as before. Love that begins with pretense will turn into a real great passion.


Ekin Mert Daymaz – Sawash Göcher
Algı Eke – Zarife Toprak
Burak еликelik – Barysh Göcher
Oikyu Celik / Öykü Çelik – Emine Toprak
Majit Koper / Macit Koper – Khalil Toprak
Ali Erkazan / Ali Erkazan – Mukhtar Soylu
Hakan Meriçliler / Hakan Meriçliler – Shinasi Göcher

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