Harry Potter star admitted that she overcame cancer

Harry Potter star admitted that she overcame cancer post thumbnail image
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Famous British actress Julie Walters said she was diagnosed with stage III bowel cancer.

In her interview, Walters also said that the film The Mysterious Garden, which will premiere in 2020, may be the last work in her acting career.

The actress found out about her diagnosis a year and a half ago after the results of intestinal tomography.

Walters said the news of cancer upset her husband very much.

“I will never forget that expression.” After my words, tears appeared on his eyes, ”she added.

Now Julie Walters is healthy. She underwent surgery to remove part of the intestine, and she also successfully underwent chemotherapy.

The actress expressed doubts about continuing her career in the movie.

– I do not think that in general I will never act in films again. But I can’t return to the rhythm of filming, which takes place six days a week, from five in the morning to seven in the evening, ”Walters shared.

The 69-year-old British actress Julie Walters is most remembered by the audience in the role of Molly Weasley – the mother of Ron Weasley, Harry Potter’s best friend from the famous franchise.

In addition to the BAFTA and Oscar nominations, Julie Walters also has the honorary title of Knight of the Order of the British Empire.

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