Guvercin Dizi Plot

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Here is all about Guvercin Dizi Plot, Story, Cast, Episodes, Season and more information about Guvercin Turkish TV Series.

Guvercin Dizi Plot

Guvercin Dizi Plot


Story/ Plot

In the center of the plot of the series Guvercin the story of two families.

Bedir Kavvi and Ahmet Djibranoglu were longtime friends. But at the time of the terrible event, Ahmet Djibranoglu dies. A faithful friend and only witness to his death, Bedir is accused of murder.

This tragedy marked the beginning of hostility between families that have long been united. No one has the power to return 15 years of life spent in prison to Bedira Cavvi.

But his family, for such a long time, has not lost love, respect and respect for his father and husband. A faithful and caring wife, daughter and son are happy to meet the head of the Cavvie family.

And in the Djibranoglu mansion, the return of Bedir Kavvi causes a storm of completely opposite emotions. The youngest son of Akhmet Okkesh takes an oath to his family that he will avenge the Bedir family for the death of his father. And mother expresses support in such an effort.

But his older brother Kenan, who became the head of the family, is trying with all his might to obstruct Ahmet’s intentions. Without heeding his brother’s arguments, Okkesh ponders a revenge plan. And then abducts Zyluf Kavvi the daughter of Bedir.

He takes the girl to a deserted place and leaves her in a deadly trap, leaving no chance for salvation. But fortune intervenes in the fate of the captive. And in the person of her savior, she recognizes Kenan Djibranoglu.

A friendly guy conquers a girl with his selflessness and nobility. From this moment, a spark of love flares up between Zyulyf and Kenan.

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Mehmet Ali Nuroglu – Mehmet Ali Nuroglu

Kenan Almila Ada – Almila Ada

Zuluf Nursel Köse – Nursel Kose

Kevsa Menderes Samanjilar

Menderes Samantclu

Bedir Devrim Saltoglu

Devrim Saltoglu – Jarmelislem Ak Osman Albayrak

Kasym Toprak Saglam

Toprak Saglam – Emel Bulent Bilgic

Mustafa Dylan Telkök

Dilan Telkok – Betul Genjo Ozak

Genco Ozak – Okkesh Tolga Panjaroglu

Erdem Enriem Saber Mem Erbem Mem Akbas – Ibrahim Berke Usdiken

Berke Usdiken – Muslum Gulen Karaman

Gulen Karaman – Zelikha

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