Gorbi Turkish dizi

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Gorbi Turkish dizi, Plot, Cast, Summery and more.

Original title: Gorbi
Production: Karga Film
Genre: Science Fiction
Premiere: October 2019 on the FOXplay digital platform


Gorbi Turkish dizi

Gorbi Turkish dizi



Gorby lives on the planet Caku Tau, several million light-years from our earth.

Aron is the father of Gorbi, he is the ruler of this planet. After his father, Gorby will become the king of this planet. Zokar is a very evil and bad character.

Once he begins an uprising and captures Gorby’s father, Aron. After a chase in space with another alien, Gorbi is forced to land on our earth.

He will hide in Istanbul under a tree in the garden of one of the houses. Meanwhile, Zokar mobilized his people to search for Gorbi throughout the galaxy.



Noyan Uzer – Gorbi
Jess Molho
Ayhan Taş
Bengi Öztürk
Orçun Kaptan
Ilke Korkmaz / İlke Korkmaz
Azra Aydın
Doruk Sarısakal
Duru Aydın

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