Flor Salvaje Cast

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The Latin American series Flor Salvaje English meaning is Wild Flower. This article is all about Flor Salvaje story and Cast. This is one of the beautiful Latin American romantic drama to watch.

Flor Salvaje Cast
Flor Salvaje Cast


Flor Salvaje English meaning is Wild Flower, It’s will tell you and me a very interesting story of a young girl named Amanda. By coincidence, after the death of her parents, the girl was forced to raise and provide for her three younger sisters. And then one day she comes to a small town called New Hope. And she arrived there after having heard many stories that one can get rich quickly there.

This town is run by a man named Raphael. This character is one of those who think that if there is money, then everything can be bought. Curiously, only young Amanda can resist Raphael. In addition, the story is gaining momentum by the fact that she was separated from her sisters, and now the main character of this television series will do everything and even more to be with her sisters. Amanda has never studied anywhere she wants to make a lot of money in order to provide for her sisters, and this despite the fact that she can neither read nor write.

In addition, another guy appears in Amanda’s life, and his name is Sacramento. He was raised by a priest. As predictable as it may sound, a simple Sacramento guy falls in love with Amanda. But, not everything is so simple. As it turned out, Raphael also had his eye on Amanda. What will happen next is unknown. Most likely, our main character will soon have to make a difficult choice: between true love and money. Start watching Wild Flower online – and you will not be able to stop watching this exciting TV series. If you really love Latin American series, Then you would love this too.


Flor Salvaje Cast  

Mónica Spear Mónica Spear
Tony Dalton
José Luis Reséndez
Gregorio Pernía
Géraldine Zivic
Norkys Batista
Roberto Manrique
María Elisa Camargo
Bibiana Corrales
Pedro Palacio Pedro Palacio
Alexander Gil Alexander Gil
Angelly Moncayo
Indhira Serrano
Carolina Gaitan
Claudia La Gatta

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