Ezel Turkish TV Series Cast

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Ezel Turkish TV Series Cast, Story, Plot and more information about Most popular Turkish Turkish crime mystery drama TV series.

Ezel Turkish TV Series

Ezel Turkish TV Series Cast



The Turkish series Ezel  in fact, does not look like one of those television series that this country has presented us for a long time.

It all starts with a young man whose name is Omer. He had a beloved family, he led the most ordinary life. He had everything he wanted. Once, he met a girl whom he fell in love with at first sight, moreover, he intended to marry her after he came from the army.

In other words, everything went as it should, but only until one day … until the day when Omer went to jail for the murder. All his previous life was left behind. His relatives, friends and acquaintances – as if dissolved in an instant.

For a long time, the main character tried to find the answer to one single simple question: why? Why did they betray him? Why did they play a terrible game with him? His beloved Aishan, his faithful friend Cengiz, as well as Ali – a man who was Omeru as an older brother – they are all involved in this insidious game. Omer did his utmost to find the answer to the question that tormented him until he simply completely lost hope.

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Some time later, Omer’s life changed, the story began to gain momentum after he met the man sheep in prison who radically changed his worldview. Omer died in prison, but Ezel was born in his place – a man with a completely different name and appearance. And it seems that this person will do anything in order to take revenge on all those who deprived him of everything. However, before starting to take revenge – he needs to get rid of the infinite and immortal love that lurks inside himself. Watching the Turkish TV series Ezel costs absolutely everyone, because this is a really interesting and fascinating story with an unpredictable ending.


Cast by

Kenan Imirzalioglu,

Cansu Dere,

Yigit Özsener,

Baris Falay.

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