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Elveda Derken Cast, Story, Plot, Seasons, Episodes and more information about famous Turkish TV Series.

Elveda Derken Cast

Elveda Derken Cast



In the family of the main characters of the series  Elveda Derken (Meaning – I can not say goodbye) has always reigned idyll. Lale did not look for souls in her children and her beloved husband. They appreciated each other and could not even imagine that terrible grief could come to their family.

The young woman began to suffer from frequent headaches and was forced to turn to doctors for help. After a detailed examination, she was told the terrible news – she had brain cancer.

According to the forecasts of doctors, she did not have to live long. Her daughters and husband Ege are aware of the seriousness of what is happening. Despite the terrible news, the girls continue to go to school. One of their favorite teachers is Zeynep.

Her fate was not easy either, a few years ago she had to undergo a complicated operation, which forever deprived her of the opportunity to become a mother. At the same time, betrayal overtook her, her lover abandoned her and very soon married another.

Nine months later, he had a daughter, whom he named her. You can watch online, in Russian the series I can’t say Goodbye / Elveda Derken and find out how the deadly disease Lale began to change the lives of not only relatives, but also those around her.

She decides not to waste time on operations that will not be effective, but decides to spend the remaining time with benefit. She is trying in every possible way to bring her husband Ege closer to Atesh, who works as a doctor. While Lale is leaving for a couple of days on vacation, her husband and children go on a picnic with a teacher of their daughters.

Will the dying woman’s plan be successful and Atesha will become the stepmother of her daughters, or will Zeynep take this place?

Cast by

Ece Uslu – Lale
Gökhan Tepe – Ateş
Sinan Sümer – Ege
Burcu Kara – Zeynep

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