Dolunay Turkish Romantic Series Cast

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Dolunay Turkish Romantic Series Cast, Story, Plot, Seasons and Other information. Dolunay is popular Turkish drama series cast by Özge Gürel, Can Yaman and Hakan Kurtas.

Dolunay Turkish Romantic Series Cast

Dolunay Turkish Romantic Series Cast

Story/ Plot

Love is an incredible feeling. Her strength moves mountains, while the characters of the series are not just forced to overcome external circumstances. They fight desperately with each other’s uncompromising temperaments.

Nazly is a simple student. She dreams of being the best in the art of cooking. Ferrite is a successful businessman. Their meeting with time becomes a real fairy tale. The Turkish TV series Full Moon is a romantic comedy film. It interestingly and colorfully touches on all aspects of the culinary art.

Nazly’s young girl (played by Ozge Gurel) expects many successes in the future. She plans to become a professional chef and start her own Japanese restaurant. While these are dreams. Nazly is only learning such a scrupulous art. In student years, it is difficult to achieve high earnings. But the girl is persistently trying to come to her goal. As a result, she finds a very good part-time job.

The protagonist of the series Full Moon / Dolunay named Ferrite (played by Jan Yaman) is a famous businessman. Nazly starts working for Ferrit as a personal chef. Over time, our heroes acquire common interests and deeds, which brings them closer together. As a result, they “get sick” with each other, realizing that they will have a deplorable ending.


Özge Gürel,

Can Yaman,

Hakan Kurtas,

Necip Memili.

Ferit Aslan

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