Dizi 2020 Benim Adım Melek

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Benim Adım Melek

Original title: Benim Adım Melek
Production: Üs Yapım
Producer: Sureya Onal / Süreyya Önal
Director: Jem Akyoldash / Cem Akyoldaş
Screenwriter: Berfu Ergenekon, Nilüfer Aydın / Berfu Ergenekon, Nilüfer Aydın
Music: Aydilge
Genre: Drama
Premiere: From September 25, 2019 on TRT 1

Dizi  2020 Benim Adım Melek
Dizi 2020 Benim Adım Melek


In the series “My Name is Melek”, the bitter story of a mother of three children who was born and raised in Gaziantep and even married for love will be told.

Melek, who left home many years ago, disregarding her father’s opinion, having come to a state where she can no longer endure what is happening, will understand that she was struck by a deadly disease.

When she comes home to tell Alpay about the situation, she finds out that her husband divorced her, taking custody of the children. Melek, having lost everything, will make a difficult decision.

This is the story of Melek, who is ready to ask for forgiveness from her father, whom she once made to be ashamed of, having left with her beloved person in Germany, leaving the groom at the wedding.

Now she wants to die, leaving him the children whom she loves more than life. Arriving in his native land for help, Melek meets Khalil, the bridegroom abandoned by her, whose feelings have not died out for so many years and despite her betrayal.

The story of the re-construction of life Melek with her family and children, who realized that real motherhood is not to give up life, but to continue to live for the sake of children.

Previously, the series was planned to be called “Oriental Tale / Bir Doğu Masalı”

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Nehir Erdoğan – Melek
Kutsi / Kutsi – Khalil
Kaan акakır – Alpay
Ериerif Sezer – Nefice
Rabia Soytürk – Defne
Ulvi Kahyaoğlu – Kerem
Mustafa Mert Koç – Omer
Ece Özdikici – Funda
Zeyno Eracar
Poyraz Ar – Seyit Ali
Muharrem Türkseven – Mahmut

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