Deli Gonul Turkish TV Series Cast

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Deli Gonul Turkish TV Series Cast, Story, Plot and more. Deli Gonul is one of the most popular TV Turkish drama of Directed by Hakan Inan.

Deli Gonul Turkish TV Series Cast

Deli Gonul Turkish TV Series Cast


A person’s life at a certain stage can change dramatically. After serious shocks, he has to start from scratch. Sometimes this forces a person to leave their native streets, and settle in foreign lands, where people have completely different customs.

The protagonist of the Turkish TV series Deli Gonul faces serious difficulties. By the will of fate, he loses everything that he managed to gain during his time as a teacher. But his teaching ability remains with him. He rents an apartment in Istanbul, where he becomes a teacher of the Kazakh language.

This job is not enough, as few Turkish citizens want to know Kazakh. He uses his free time to work as a car washer. The Turkish TV series Deli Gonul tells the story of a humble teacher who finds it difficult to fit into the stream of a new, harsher world. Life in a metropolis takes away all his strength. Murat faces difficulties ahead, but the guy is ready to overcome them. In Istanbul, a young teacher learns love with all the depth of suffering and experience. If you watch the series Deli Gonul, You can go through the eventful path of the protagonist, which will allow you not to repeat his mistakes in real life.

Cast: Ibrahim Eren Kilisli, Tuvana Türkay, Dilhan Naz Özgülüs, Murat Ünalmis.

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