Darisi Basimiza Turkish Dizi

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Darisi Basimiza Turkish Dizi, Cast, Story, Plot, Episodes, Seasons and more information about Popular Turkish TV Series Darisi Basimiza.

Darisi Basimiza Turkish Dizi

Darisi Basimiza Turkish Dizi


Darisi Basimiza  Story/ Plot

Zerrin – the main character of the series Darisi Basimiza generously endowed her three children with her love. It so happened that she was left with two daughters – Ryuya and Oikyu, and her son – Serkan, when they were still very young, alone.

The woman worked hard so that her offspring did not need anything. I tried to do everything possible so that the family maintained good relationships, reigned love and mutual understanding. Time passed, the children grew up, the girls turned into the incredible beauty of girls, and the only son became stronger and more courageous.

Zerrin dreamed of seeing her children confidently step into an independent adult life, create strong families with decent people and endow her with healthy grandchildren. Time continued to run, and her children were in no hurry to leave her. Ruyya was deeply in love with the actor, dreamed of marrying him. Despite the fact that the man did not make promises, she remained faithful to him and neither turned her attention to anyone else.

Sarkan lacked the courage and self-confidence, he spent all the time at home and was a real sissy. Only one Oikyu managed to leave the family and move to live abroad. There the heroine of the series Darisi Basimiza was about to get married, but on the eve of the wedding she found out about the betrayal of her fiancé and broke up with him.

But, like all Turkish TV shows that can be watched online in Russian, this story was not sad for long. A chance encounter between Oikyu and Ozan returns her faith in love and loyalty. But it soon turns out that their parents hate each other and do not want to bless their union.

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Ozan Dolunay Elif Dogan

Oikyu Devrim Yakut

Zerrin Burak Dzhan

Serkan Achelya Topaloglu

Ryuya Nergis Kumbasar

Sevinc Erbulak Deniz Ozerman Ibrahim

Candyrides Eli Erkek

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