Corazón valiente Popular Spanish TV Series Cast

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Corazón valiente Popular Spanish TV Series Cast, Plot, Story and Other information.

Corazón valiente Popular Spanish TV Series Cast

Corazón valiente Popular Spanish TV Series Cast



This is a story of the friendship of two girls who live in the distant Mexican city of Valle de Bravo.

Angela Valdes, a modest and sweet girl, is the daughter of Miguel Valdes, the bodyguard of the powerful and wealthy Sandoval Navarro family.

Samantha Sandoval Navarro was a wealthy girl guarded by Miguel Valdes.

The life of two girls forever changed after the abduction of Samantha, as a result of which Miguel Valdez sacrificed his life to save her.

After what happened, the girls parted. But after 18 years, Samantha and Angel meet again. Angel works as a baker, she is married to Luis Martinez, they have a daughter, Violeta.

Samantha also works as a bodyguard. She comes to Angela to invite her to work together.

Angela accepts this offer and immediately receives the task of protecting Genesis Arroyo, the daughter of a multimillionaire lawyer named Juan Marcos Arroyo, who, unfortunately, is married to Isabelle Uriarte, a proud and angry woman.

Meanwhile, Samantha is ordered to defend Willy Del Castillo, her first love. He is a freaky playboy and womanizer.

Samantha decides not to reveal anything from her past, but it all ends with the fact that love arises between them. Angela and Samantha will have to fight with all the obstacles that their enemies make for them.

They will go through all the obstacles to be happy with the people they love, always having a Brave heart.



Adriana Fonseca – Angela
José Luis Reséndez – Juan Marcos Arroyo
Aylín Mújica – Fernando Del Castillo
Ximena Duque – Samata
Vanessa Pose – Emma Arroyo
Jon-Michael Ecker – Pablo
Sonya Smith – Isabelle
Jorge Luis Pila – Miguel Valdez
Manuel Landeta – Bernardo
Gabriel Valenzuela – Luis Martinez
Fabián Ríos – Willie Del Castillo

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Original name: Corazуn valiente
Production: Telemundo Studios
Producer: Mariana Iskandariani, Diana Ariza
Director: Ricardo Schwarz, Claudio Callao, Arturo Manuitt, Danny Gavidia, Luis Manzo
Screenwriter: Juan Marcos Blanco, Marcela Citterio, Marisa Milanesio, Claudia Morales
Genre: Telenovela
Premiere: broadcast on Telemundo from March 6, 2012 to January 7, 2013.

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