Corazón que miente Cast

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This article is all about Corazón que miente, Cast, Plot, Summary, Story, Production, Episodes and other information.

Corazón que miente Cast
Corazón que miente Cast


Story/ Plot

The series tells the story of two warring families who live in a town called Santa Lucia.

At the same time, the history of these families is not only confused, but also connected with each other. Both families on the same day organize a celebration in honor of the baptism of their children.

The family of Severiano Mendoza is very rich and famous in their town, they are engaged in breeding horses.

Raimundo Alcoker is a very hardworking man, but his wife is not only a very vulgar person, but also turns out to be Severiano Mendoza’s mistress.

Raimundo finds his wife in Severiano’s bed and he beats him to death. Trying to save her lover, Raimundo’s wife Robert kills her husband. And as a result of this tragedy, relations between lovers deteriorate.

Cristobal and Aldonza, children of these families, grow up in a world of evil and resentment. But anger does not prevent the two young from falling in love and fighting for their love. Although Severiano Mendoza appears again in history, because of which the Aldonza family was forced to flee.
Years pass and Aldonza returns to town as an engineer.

She finds out that Cristobal is getting married. It turns out that the old love is still alive and the couple has a very strong attraction to each other. But they will have to go through a lot to be together.



Alexis Ayala
Alejandra Barros
Michelle Renaud
Pablo Lyle / Pablo Lyle
Thelma Madrigal
Alfredo Adame

Director: Jose Elias Moreno, Mauricio Rodriguez
Genre: Drama
Number of episodes: 136

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