Çember Dizi Bölüm Cast

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This article is all about Çember dizi bölüm Cast, Story, Plot, Seasons, Episodes and more information about famous Turkish TV Series Cember 2017 to 2019.

Çember dizi bölüm cast

Çember dizi bölüm cast


Çember Dizi  Story

The Turkish series Circle 2017 was filmed in the genre of action-packed action movie of a detective character. Everything happens in Istanbul, where a new special detachment of security forces is created to carry out the most difficult tasks.

The situation over time becomes very confusing, because you have to work with a non-standard motive of crime. The detachment is formed of four people.

Their life principles, abilities and skills are fundamentally different. But it is precisely the unique features of each hero that allow them to be the best employees.

The heroes of the Turkish series Cember do not just go to work. They are united by the responsibility that they each day bear for each other.

Identification of criminals entrusted to Barysh. He holds the position of commissioner and is the leader of the squad. Volkan is an IT specialist and assistant to Barysh. Adem has a real gift for solving crimes.

He is also on the post of commissioner. Each crime is special for Adem, so he always starts an investigation with an unusual approach. His activities are truly dangerous and harsh, but the hero manages to maintain a magnificent sense of humor.

Aiche works as an assistant to Adem. If you watch online the Turkish series Closed Circle, you will notice that the girl has a talent for identifying lies. She is aware that a person changes his behavior if he tries to lie, and most importantly. the girl sees it perfectly.

Çember Dizi  Cast

(Baris Bagci, Pelin Akil, Anil Altan, Serhat Mustafa Kiliç.)

Barysh Bagji – Commissioner Barysh Serhat Kilich

Adem Pelin Akyl Altan – Pelin Akil Altan

AIChE Anyl Altan

Volkan Sedef Avci –  Sedef Avc

Menderes Samanjilar – Menderes Samanc

Lar Melisa Sozen

Duyug Yetish

Irem Altug

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