Carinha de Anjo ( Mexicana )

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Carinha de Anjo ( Mexicana ) is Popular Brazilian children’s TV Series, Here is Cast, Story, Plot, Episodes, Production about Carinha de Anjo Telenovela.

Carinha de Anjo ( Mexicana )

Carinha de Anjo ( Mexicana )



Dulce Maria is a sweet, naive, smart and cheerful girl of five years old. Maria is playful, enterprising and extremely curious.

Maria delights everyone with her comments and immodest questions and unexpected discoveries. She is the only daughter of Gustavo Larios, a successful Brazilian coffee entrepreneur and Mexican Teresa Rezende Larios.

However, the girl’s mother dies in an accident when she flew a hang glider. Dulce Maria was then only three years old. Gustavo, unable to withstand the tragedy that happened, was leaving for Spain, moving away from the whole family.

He transfers his daughter to the care of the nuns. Most of all, the nun Cecilia takes care of the girl. Two years later, Gustavo realizes that he needs to pull himself together, take care of his daughter. Therefore, he returns to Sao Paulo.

However, not one, next to him he brings Nicole, whom he intends to marry. But Nicole does not intend to become a mother for Maria Dulce, she marries Gustavo for his money.

What Dulce immediately guesses, after which he begins to confront her. In addition, the girl wants Cecilia to become her new mother, as she is affectionate and they get along fine.

Gustavo and Cecilia, too, at first sight fall in love with each other. However, Cecilia got confused, she must make a choice between religion and love And Gustavo is struggling with forbidden love.

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Lorena Queiroz – Dulce Maria
Carlo Porto – Gustavo
Bia Arantes – Cecilia
Dani Gondim – Nicole
Priscila Sol – Estefania
Lucero Teresa – Resende
Blota Filho – Sillestro
Carol Loback – Francielo
Lucero – Teresa
Maisa Silva – Juliana (Juju)
Jean Paulo Campos – Jose Carlos
Sienna Belle – Frida
Renata Randel – Barbara
Gabriel Miller – Emilio
Leonardo Oliveira – The Filipe
Kaleb Figueiredo – Luciano
Marianna Santos – Adriana
Duda Silva – Duda
Helena Luz – Lucia
Valenthina Rodarte – Valencina
Brenda Santiago – Brenda
Manuela Fernandes – Fernanda
Isa Nakahara – Isabela
Jasmim Sabino – Jasmim
Lara Fanganielo – Lara
Giovanna Nasser – Geo
Manuela Dieguez – Deborah


Original title: Carinha de Anjo
Production: Telenovela
Director: Ricardo Mantoanelli
Screenwriter: Iris Abravanel, Leonor Corrêa, Natalia Piserni
Genre: Soap Opera
Premiere: November 21, 2016

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