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This article is all about Bodrum Masali Cast & Story with Plot.

Production: Tmc Yapım
Director: Mehmet Ada Oztekin / Mehmet Ada Öztekin
Scenario: Bashar Başaran – Emre Ozdur / Başar Başaran – Emre Özdür


One day, the Ergyuven family loses everything they had during the night. Can the family who moved to Bodrum get used to this situation?

Many years later, Yildiz will meet with his love of youth, with Faryal. Atesh and Su will be forced to distance themselves from their rich lovers.

Having left behind the familiar rich life, the Ergüven family will face the lack of money and the real face of Bodrum.

It turns out that Gozde, the mistress of Evren, the head of the Ergyuven family, lives directly opposite the house where they settled themselves. And this will be another threat to their family.
Su’s question before the shattered shack “How will we live here?” Are only the first problems that the Ergyuven family will have to face.


Timuçin Esen – Faryaly
Chevval Sam / Йevval Sam – Yildiz
Murat Aygen – Evren
Dilan  Deniz – Su
Alperen Duymaz – Atesh

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