Bir Nefes Yeter Dizi Story

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New Turkish film 2017 Bir Nefes Yeter Dizi Story (Meaning: One Breath Enough), Here is more information about Bir Nefes Yeter Plot, Summery and Cast.

Bir Nefes Yeter Dizi Story
Bir Nefes Yeter Dizi Story

Bir Nefes Yeter Dizi Story

The series  Bir Nefes Yeter (One Breath Enough) tells about people who are complete opposites of each other. A young and handsome guy named Yaman loses his desire for life. He no longer believes in anything, stops communicating with his relatives, loses contact with friends, and does not see the point in existence as a whole.

It gets to the point that Yaman often begins to think about suicide. But then, on the way, the guy has a girl named Nefes, who literally pulls Yaman out of the maelstrom of negativity and self-hatred.

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Nefes is pure happiness. She tirelessly struggles with her life problems, and she always manages to overcome any obstacles. Nefes motivates Yaman, he quickly falls in love, and the girl sincerely reciprocates. Young people found happiness in each other.

Every day for Yaman is like a gift from heaven. But the couple is facing a new challenge, already being together. One day, the girl is unconscious on the floor. Yaman takes Nefes to the nearest hospital at all times, where doctors tell him the sad news: his beloved is seriously ill. Now Yaman will have a hard time.

He must throw all his strength into bringing Nefes back to life. But does he have enough strength? For the answer you should watch this amazing tv series.

So why not – Bir Nefes Yeter is one of the most famous tv series which is released on October 13, 2017.

Cast by 

Seçkin Özdemir, Tuvana Türkay, Hakkı Ergök, Zuhal Gencer Erkaya, Mihriban Er, Nilüfer Kurt, Galip Erdal, Coşkun Özmeriç and Obada Adnan

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