Amor à Vida Cast (Elenco)

Amor à Vida Cast (Elenco), Amor à Vida is one of the most popular Brazilian TV Series (telenovela brasileira), Here is Cast, Story, Plot, Final, Episodes and more about it.   Story/ Plot Paloma is the youngest daughter of Cesar Courie, the owner of the largest private clinic in San Sao Paulo “San Magno”. As […]

Juana Inés Netflix Cast

Juana Inés Netflix Cast, Story, Summary, Episodes and more. Many secrets surround the figure of Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz: her dubious connection with the church hierarchy, the nature of her passions, which are also the reason for her silence. Her personality inspired the creation of this art series, which is full of various […]

En Tierras Salvajes Cast

En Tierras Salvajes Cast, Story, Episodes and more.   Story/ Plot Isabelle Montalban is a beautiful woman from a big city who suffers from a serious lung problem and lives in a small town in search of peace. Her husband’s parents and brothers Anibal Otero live in her new residence. And no one could imagine […]

Carinha de Anjo ( Mexicana )

Carinha de Anjo ( Mexicana ) is Popular Brazilian children’s TV Series, Here is Cast, Story, Plot, Episodes, Production about Carinha de Anjo Telenovela.   Story Dulce Maria is a sweet, naive, smart and cheerful girl of five years old. Maria is playful, enterprising and extremely curious. Maria delights everyone with her comments and immodest […]

Velho Chico Elenco (Cast)

Velho Chico Elenco (Cast) – This article is all about Velho Chico English meaning is Old River, It is one of the most popular Brazilian TV Series with 173 episodes. Story The plot of the series takes place in two stages – the 1960s and 20 years later. On the banks of the San Francisco […]

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