Salve Jorge Elenco

Salve Jorge meaning in English is “Save me, St. George” Story It is a young, rapidly growing Brazilian series, which has already begun to be translated into other languages, since the series turned out to be really very interesting and somewhat intriguing. The plot of the series tells us the story of a young, pretty […]

Sol Nascente Brasilia Cast

Sol Nascente Brasilia Cast, Story, Summary, Production and More info.   Story The heroes of the series Alice and Mario grew up together, but looked at the world from different angles. Mario reckless, like a teenager, and Alice became an objective and rational woman. But still they have a very strong friendship, they complement each […]

Corazón que miente Cast

This article is all about Corazón que miente, Cast, Plot, Summary, Story, Production, Episodes and other information.   Story/ Plot The series tells the story of two warring families who live in a town called Santa Lucia. At the same time, the history of these families is not only confused, but also connected with each […]

Amor à Vida Cast (Elenco)

Amor à Vida Cast (Elenco), Amor à Vida is one of the most popular Brazilian TV Series (telenovela brasileira), Here is Cast, Story, Plot, Final, Episodes and more about it.   Story/ Plot Paloma is the youngest daughter of Cesar Courie, the owner of the largest private clinic in San Sao Paulo “San Magno”. As […]

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