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Behzat C is crime, detective and mystery television series cast by Erdal Beshikcioglu, Hazal Kaya, Janan Erguder. Here is Story, Cast, Seasons, Episodes and more information.

Behzat C Cast

Behzat C Cast



If you love exciting detective stories, and at the same time are not indifferent to Turkish cinema, then watching the movie Behzat: I Buried My Heart will definitely bring you a lot of pleasure.

The main character, named Behzat, serves in the local police department of Ankara, and for all the time he managed to solve many crimes, including quite serious ones. Once Behzat is assigned to work on an interesting case. And the further Behzat manages to go, the more complex and confusing the mystery of the crime becomes. It all started with one strange phone call to the department where the protagonist of the Turkish TV series I buried my heart.

An unknown person said that he buried the body in the city park. Upon arrival at the indicated place, the police found that a coffin had indeed been buried in the park, in which there was a lifeless body. During the examination, it becomes known about the identity of the deceased person. It turned out that the body of the policeman’s father, who had previously worked in the same department, but had already retired, was lying in the coffin. The heroes of the Turkish film Behzat: I buried my heart are facing a very strange and frightening situation.

A series of gruesome murders follows. Moreover, information about the perfect comes from the same man who called the department for the first time. As you watch the film, you begin to understand that all the people killed are connected in a certain way. It also turns out a detail that can shock even the most persistent: each of the victims was buried alive. And when Behzat tried to find out more about the former police officers, whose parents were brutally murdered, he was informed that the cases against these people had simply disappeared. And these are not all the riddles that the Turkish film Behzat has prepared for you.

Cast by

Erdal Beshikcioglu,

Hazal Kaya,

Janan Erguder,

Fatih Artman,

Cansu Dere.

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