Bahtiyar Ölmez Cast

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New Turkish series Bahtiyar Ölmez, Cast, Seasons, Plot, Story and more. Bahtiyar Ölmez is a popular Turkish TV series cast by Yetkin Dikinciler and Hande Subasi.

Bahtiyar Ölmez Cast

Bahtiyar Ölmez Cast


The Turkish series Bakhtiyar Olmez combines notes of comedy and crime genre.

The name of the protagonist coincides with the title of the picture, and is played by Yetkin Dickinger. Bakhtiyar’s house is located in the vicinity of Istanbul. This is a prominent character: a cheerful, handsome man with an optimistic outlook on life.

However, Bakhtiyar has a significant drawback. Any business started is never brought to the final end. In simple terms, the main character of the Turkish TV series Bahtiyar Olmez is an ordinary loser. Bakhtiyar has a very measured life. He works for a company opened with his father.

Being a hearse driver is not included in the future plans of a man. Therefore, he willingly agreed to the proposal to develop an ostrich farm, and without hesitation invested all the money that his father had saved. After a while, it turns out that Bakhtiyar was deceived.

Furious, the protagonist of the Turkish TV series Bakhtiyar Olmez throws an ostrich egg through the window. By the will of fate, it lands in such a place that the life of a man suddenly changes dramatically. In an unusual combination of circumstances, Bakhtiyar becomes the main local mafia. Ryfat Chakar, the former boss of the group, simply disappears. But it so happened that he and Bakhtiyar are similar, like twins.

The story is very funny, because a person who had no experience in the underworld makes a lot of mistakes and turns out to be the culprit of many ridiculous situations. The cherry on the cake is the fact that the hearse driver now has to take care of someone else’s family: his wife, children and parents. Bakhtiyar rushes between two realities. If he made one mistake, it could take his life, father and girlfriend.

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