What is the budget for Bad Boys 3

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What is the budget for Bad Boys 3 ?

Answer is – 90 million USD

Bad Boys 3 

What is the budget for Bad Boys 3
What is the budget for Bad Boys 3


In the family of Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), a detective from Miami, replenishment: he had a grandson. In this regard, Marcus decides to leave the dangerous job and retire, which seriously upsets his partner Mike Lowry (Will Smith).

By coincidence, it was at this time that a Mexican criminal escaped from prison and, as the audience was later told, the women Isabelle Aretas (Keith del Castillo). Once free, she immediately decides to take revenge on the offenders, including Lowry.

As a killer, Isabelle plans to use her own son Armando (Jacob Skipio). Mike and Marcus understand that they still have to deal with at least one other thing together.

The third (and, possibly, final) film of the Bad Boys series is released 17 years after the previous one. Launching the franchise tape and a quarter of a century – that is, about the same as the Armando mafia.

The first two episodes were directed by Michael Bay, now the director’s chair is shared by two –  but this does not change the essence.

“Bad boys for life ” is the same stupid attraction, a comedy action movie with not very original jokes (in this case they are most often devoted to the age of the main characters), a rather ridiculous plot (one of the twists makes relatives of “Guys” with last year’s failed Gemini, where Smith was also busy) and redundant action scenes.

There are only two large-scale action fragments in the new “Guys”, but which ones: the pursuit of Miami at night and the global massacre in some abandoned Mexican mansion.

Fans of the franchise will be quite enough for them, and secondary jokes with a plot of fans will not scare them away – after all, humor and history are not the main thing here.

Another thing is that individual episodes of the film, including the final fight, set the Bad Guys a weird trajectory – if not paranormal, then at least a little fantastic.

In particular, the character of Will Smith demonstrates almost superpowers – for example, they can be attributed to good health (after all, Mike lives in Miami, there is a lot of sun, and proximity to the ocean affects) and good physical fitness.

The heroine, Del Castillo, does not use magic right in the frame, but reads something like spells, shows a clear interest in wild rituals and generally solves many problems with such ease that it begins to seem: it could not do without witchcraft. As a result, the third “Bad Guys” boast one of the most unconvincing antagonists in the history of the militants.

Isabelle is an almost caricatured character, a demon-possessed woman with a soul so black that it becomes more ridiculous and not scary.

However, those who warmly recall Bay’s previous tapes, and Isabelle will probably be quite happy.

Bad boys for life ” is generally a category B craft with relatively expensive special effects, and this fully meets the expectations of the target audience.

Therefore, it is likely that the story of Mike and Marcus will not remain a trilogy and will continue, say, in five to ten years. Smith and Lawrence will be around sixty, but it does not matter: the Florida sun and the wind from the ocean will simply enhance the superpowers of both.

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