Babanim Gunahlari English

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Turkish series  Babanim Gunahlari English Meaning is Sins of my father, Babanim Gunahlari is one of the popular TV Series of Turkey. Here is Cast, Plot and more.

Babanim Gunahlari English

Babanim Gunahlari English

Plot/ Story

The Turkish TV series My Father’s Sins tells about a loving father who vowed to live on for his child. Almost every parent does everything possible to make his child happy. But there are only a few who have managed to come to terms with death, promising, no matter what, to fight to the end for the welfare of their blood.

Ozan – this is the name of the protagonist of the Turkish TV series Sins of my father – by coincidence, he becomes a prisoner. He had to take on the guilt of another person, otherwise the story could end badly, because Ozan’s woman – the One – was in danger. It was ultimately followed by a long separation until a recent couple in love. Of course, Ozan could not have known that he had a child of his own, about which Yeshim was silent. And only after a long time, Yeshim decides to confess to Ozan that he has long been a father.

The reason was the serious health problems that followed Zeyno (that’s the name of Ozan’s daughter). The girl needs a bone marrow transplant. The Turkish TV series Sins of My Father is a touching, dramatic picture, because at the right moment Ozan appeared in Zeyno’s life, and it became a warm ray of hope for him. Now a desperate man, broken by fate, has a meaning to continue living. Ozan was not afraid and took full responsibility for the health and life of his child. Since Ozan becomes a donor for his daughter, he must monitor his condition and, most importantly, not be injured. After the main character learns about the upcoming complex operation, he again becomes an accomplice of a serious crime through no fault of his own. And for the second time he is mistakenly made guilty. But now he has a reason to overcome any difficulties.


Müjde Uzman
Mehdi Adlin
Kadir Dogulu
Melisa Sözen
Mustafa Ugurlu
Ismail Demirci
Mehrnoush Esmaeilpour

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