Avlu Dizi Popular Turkish Series

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Avlu Dizi 2018 – 2020

Avlu Dizi Popular Turkish Series

Avlu Dizi Popular Turkish Series


Avlu Dizi Story


The actions of the Turkish TV series Yard  (Avlu) are held in a women’s prison.

The picture tells about the real everyday life of an institution in which girls who have crossed the law are serving a term.

Some of them deliberately renounced freedom, and now are responsible for their actions. And others, as they say, were just unlucky. And this punishment has several formats. On the one hand, prisoners are denied the right to leave the prison.

On the other hand, each newcomer is expected by certain rules, and in order to survive, one has to follow them steadily. The series Yard is based on a Turkish painting.

In fact, this is a remake of the cultural and national characteristics of Turkey.

The audience will be presented with the realities of prison everyday life. The main attention is paid to the fate of each individual hero. What did these people go through before being behind the barbed wire fence?

Women are forced to adapt to the local requirements of the correctional institution, and also to take into account the subtleties of behavior in individual groups formed.

There is no place for equality: everything is according to the concepts.

The series Avlu is a kind of cocktail, consisting of amazing stories from the past life of criminals, as well as events taking place in the present tense. The main heroine of the picture is a young girl who was not lucky to be in prison for the first time.

But this is far from the worst for her. After all, now she does not have the opportunity to observe how her own daughter grows and is brought up.

The woman considers herself innocent of her deeds, and is looking for ways to return to the family at a time when justice has bypassed her situation.

Avlu Dizi Cast 

Nursel Kese Kenan Ece

Kenan Ece Demet Evgar

Demet Evgar Ryuchan Chalyshkur

Richan Chalshkur Gamze Topuz

Gamze Topuz Jeren Moray

Ceren Moray Aicha Damgadzhi

Ayua Halgacu Sheila Halis

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Avlu Dizi is a Popular Turkish Series Netflix shows on 2018 Season 01 and 2020 Season 03, Cast by Nursel Kese Kenan Ece, Kenan Ece Demet Evgar and more.

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