Arada (film) Cast and Story

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Arada (film) Cast and Story. Arada is 2018 Turkish romantic, teen drama film cast by Burak Deniz, Büsra Develi and Ceren Moray.

Arada (film) Cast and Story.

Arada (film) Cast and Story.


A punk rocker named Ozan lives in the Turkish capital Istanbul. He is talented, charismatic and promising, for which the public adores him. In other words, Ozan has everything to make his dreams come true, one of which is to release an album in California, because the state is a mecca for creative people.

Ozan’s ability to create came to him from his own father – Altan. He was also a musician, but due to the coup d’état in the country, he had to give up his career. Altan has always supported his son. Together, they often discuss Ozan’s future, but over time, their views began to differ.

During the next conversation, the opinions of the son and the father diverged, and the result of the misunderstanding was a quarrel, which grew into a real scandal. Ozan decided that he had nothing else to do in his parents’ house. After leaving, he lived on his own for some time, but luck smiled at him in the form of a chance to leave for the states.

A friend of the young musician said that steamers are leaving from Istanbul and go straight to California. This gave Ozan hope, and he is determined to seize the great opportunity to become recognizable throughout the world. He shares his plans with his girlfriend Lara. Together, the girl and the guy are ready to raise the whole of Istanbul to their ears, and by all means get tickets for one of the departing steamers.

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Cast by Burak Deniz, Büsra Develi and Ceren Moray.

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