Apuesta por un amor cast

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The Mexican TV series Apuesta por un amor English meaning is “Betting on Love” tells us the story of a young and rather beautiful girl who, thanks to her strong character, easily copes with the whole estate. But, as it happens in life, she cannot finally arrange her personal life, and this is despite the fact that many men like her.

Apuesta por un amor
Apuesta por un amor cast


Plot/ Story

The name of the main character is Julia. She has a brother who has been mired in lies lately, and he also enjoys a good drink. It was because of all this that he lost the respect of his father, don Julio.

In addition, Julia also has a younger sister named Soledad. This girl also has her own characteristics. And one day the father of this family agreed with his neighbor, Don Ignacio, to marry his children. Oddly enough, the young were not against it. However, it seems that the wedding was never destined to come true.

It all started when Francisco, Julia’s future husband, entered into a relationship with another girl. Of course, after such an act, there can be no question of any wedding. A little later, a young man, whose name is Gabriel, drives into a neighbor’s house. As predictable as it may sound, he attracted the attention of pretty Julia almost from the very first meeting.

It seems that he succeeded due to the fact that he is not at all like the other men with whom she met earlier. How events will develop further is not known. If you love to watch Mexican TV series, then you should definitely start watching  Apuesta por un amor, It’s really amazing.



Juan Soler
Roberto Ballesteros
Arsenio Campos
Patricia Manterola
Margarita Ambriz
Silvia Contreras
Roberto D’Amico
Carmen Becerra
Manuel Benítez
Socorro Bonilla
Tony Bravo

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