Anne Turkish (Dizi) Cast and Story

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Here is all about Anne Turkish (Dizi) Cast and Story.

Production: MF Yapım
Director: Merve Girgin
Screenplay: Burf Ergenekon

Anne Turkish (Dizi) Cast and Story

Anne Turkish (Dizi) Cast and Story

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Anne Turkish (Dizi) Cast and Story

The series “Mom / Anne” is a remake of the famous Japanese TV series Mother / Mom. The plot is no different from the original, and here’s how it all happens.

Police, coast guard and fishermen are looking for a seven-year-old Tuche, who fell into the sea. Itoria will begin with an expression of despair on the face of the mother of the missing girl, Shule.

Then they will show scenes from the past, where we will see that the missing little Tuche lived in the same house with her mother Shule, who works in the pavilion, and her lover Cengiz.

And in this house the girl was systematically abused, she was beaten. And no matter what she worries, the girl with her bunny Pamuk builds dreams, and writes all her fantasies in a notebook, tries to be happy and believes that the day will come when her life will change for the better.

Tuche’s life changes when Zeynep, who started working in the school where she studies, enters it. Zeynep has to replace their teacher Handan, who had a terrible accident. In a class among students, Tuce immediately attracted the attention of Zeynep.

A close relationship is established between little Tuche, who looks groomed, skinny due to malnutrition, and Zeynem. Zeynep Gunesh is actually a photographer who takes birds, cranes, she seems to be a cold girl, does not show her compassion.

She proposed a project to one university, she is waiting for it to be accepted, so she temporarily started working at school. Zeynep for 10 years does not communicate with his mother Reikhan and the sisters Gamze and Duru.

Despite the difficult living conditions, bruises, Tuce is trying to be happy, but recent events, the fact that she was thrown into the clutches of death, makes Zeynep change all his plans for the future.

She sets a goal – Zeynep will arrange for her the life that the girl dreams of. Therefore, Zeynep will abduct Tuche.



Cansu Dere
Vahide Gördüm
Beren Gökyıldız
Can Nergis

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