Andrei Konchalovsky

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Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky (at birth – Andron) was born in the famous family of writers Sergei Mikhalkov and Natalia Konchalovskaya.

Andrei Konchalovsky
Andrei Konchalovsky

Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky was received education at the Moscow State Conservatory. Andrei Sergeyevich set foot on the director’s path in 1965 when, after graduating from VGIK,

He made the film “The First Teacher”. The film was awarded the prize of the Venice Festival. The main character of the film, Natalia Arinbasarova, then became his wife.

Before the directorial debut, he starred in three films “The Court of the Crazy” (1961), “Ivan’s Childhood” (1962), and “I am Twenty Years Old” (1964). One of the most famous works in the biography of Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky is “The Noble Nest” (1969), “Uncle Vanya” (1970), “Romance of the Lovers” (1974), “Sibiriada” (1978), “Beloved Mary” (1983), “ Runaway Train ”(1985),“ Duet for Soloist ”(1986),“ Odyssey ”(1997),“ House of Fools ”(2002). Of the latest paintings – “Gloss” (2007), “Dans le noir” (2007). In 1980.

Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky received the title of People’s Artist, in the same year he moved to America, where he shot many films.

Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky wrote 23 scripts, made several sensational theatrical productions, published several books, and received many awards, awards, and titles. In 1998, he married Julia Vysotskaya.

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