Amores Roubados Popular Brazilian Miniseries

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Amores Roubados Popular Brazilian Miniseries. Here is about Amores Roubados  Cast, Episodes, Story, Production and More info.

Amores Roubados Popular Brazilian Miniseries

Amores Roubados Popular Brazilian Miniseries


Story/ Plot

The series “Stolen Love” will allow us to once again meet with already familiar actors Kaua Raymond, Isis Valverdi, Murilo Benicio from the popular series Prospect Brazil.

He talks about a young guy named Leandro (Kaua Raymond), who grew up in a small town with the mother of a prostitute Carolina (Cassia Kiss), but as soon as he grew up, he immediately went to conquer São Paulo.

Having matured, he decides to return to his native places and comes to town as a sommelier.

Fate brings him to Isabel (Patricia Pillar). Despite the fact that she is married to businessman Jaime, who maintains a winery, he has an uproar with her.

But after meeting with Antonia (Isis Valverde), he realizes that he found the girl of his dreams. Everything is complicated by the fact that Antonia is the daughter of Isabel and Jaime.

The rookie Leandro manages to spin an affair with his girlfriend Isabel by the name of Celeste (Dira Paes). For 10 episodes, we have to watch a stormy romance with a married lady, a touching love story of two young people and of course the intrigue and unpredictable outcome of all this love polygon will not leave nobody indifferent.

“Stolen Love” all episodes of the series were filmed by the publication of Carneiro Villiel in Pequeno magazine in 1909-1912 under the name “Brick Street”.

Most interestingly, the readers themselves were convinced that everything that was described there was in real life. The authors decided to transfer everything in our time, these days.


Cast by

Cauã Reymond – Leandro Dantas
Isis Valverde – Antônia Favais
Murilo Benício – Jaime Favais
Patrícia Pillar – Isabel Favais
Cássia Kis Magro – Carolina Dantas
Dira Paes – Celeste Cavalcanti
Osmar Prado – Roberto Cavalcanti
Antônio Fábio – Deoclécio

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Production Info

Country: Brazil
Production: TV Globo.
Episodes : 10
Premiere: 01/06/2014
Screenplay: Georges Moura, Sergio Goldenberg, Flavio Araujo and Teresa Frota.
Directors: Jose Luis Villamarine
Producer: Ricardo Wadington
Original name: Amores Roubados

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