Amor real – Popular Spanish TV Series

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Amor real – Popular Spanish TV Series (Real Love in English) Cast, Story, Summary, Episodes, Plot and More.

Amor real - Popular Spanish TV Series
Amor real – Popular Spanish TV Series


Story / Plot

A storm broke out with the love story of Marina and Damian.

Marina Reverte works as a manager in a hotel, where a young girl is forced to leave because of the scandal surrounding the name of the famous businessman Ernesto Contreras, for attempting sexual violence against an employee.

As if this were not enough, Marina received the painful news that her mother, Beatrice Reverte, was seriously ill, should have complete rest, and even she had to change her place of residence for a medical consultation.

At the same time, in a village called ” Nuestra Senora del Mar ”, Damian Fabre, a handsome young man who is the captain and owner of a fishing boat called ” Tempestad ”, he works for a fish factory called “ Neptune. ”

Ostersite, the daughter of the mayor of this city, who is obsessed with Damian and who does not respond to her flirting, but Damian finally softens, and she manages to seduce him.

Mercedes Artigas, an elegant and mysterious woman who offers Marina the economic and financial management of the Neptune company. This is a great offer for Marina, and the place to live is ideal for her mother’s illness. That’s how Marina gets into the city of “ Nuestra Senora del Mar ”, where he meets Damian.

In fact, Mercedes is Marina’s biological mother, who, as it turns out in the future, has a twin sister named Magdalena. The story of Mercedes is very sad, she devoted her whole life to finding her stolen daughters.

From the first glance, Marina and Damian begin a storm of feelings that a couple in love for a long time can not recognize, and in addition Damian must marry Ostersite.

Soon there is a rival for Damian, a former classmate of Marina Hernan Soldania, an influential businessman. Hernan has the goal of destroying Damian and conquering Marina, and for this he will stop at nothing.

But Marina and Damian have strong feelings, they are ready to fight for their love, for their happiness.

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William Levy – Damian Fabre / Michelle
Ximena Navarrete – Marina / Magdalena
Ivan Sanchez / Iván Sánchez – Hernan
Cesar Évora – Fulencio
Marina Seoane – Ursula
Daniela Romo – Mercedes

Director: Monica Miguel, Eric Morales
Genre: Melodrama
Series: 122

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