Alef dizi Cast

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This article is all about famous Turkish The detective mini series with highest IMDb rates Alef (Aleph) dizi Cast, Plot, Story, Episodes, Seasons and more.

Alef dizi Cast

Alef dizi Cast

Alef Plot/ Story

The detective series Alef / Alef will reveal to us the secrets of the work of outstanding detectives in an attempt to unravel the secrets of a series of murders. Each series is an investigation of a separate crime.

Istanbul is in a panic after a corpse was found in the Bosphorus. Journalists do not trifle with what is happening. Residents of a big city require an early investigation. The city authorities and the senior police leadership presses the investigators to solve the bloody crime as soon as possible.

Having witnessed a terrible tragedy at an early age, the young man is full of thirst for revenge. He takes an oath to find villains and punish them. But fate saved the guy, not allowing him to wallow in crime.

To fight villains without contradicting his conscience, he will be in a legal way. And having overcome many difficulties, before achieving success, a university graduate enters the service in the elite police department.

Due to his determination, the level of a beginner, as a detective, is growing rapidly. And after a short period, already a professional detective, having secured the support of his colleagues, takes up the investigation of the resonant case. Plunging headlong into the work, he suddenly gets access to the information necessary for himself.

This is what his soul longed for many years. And it seems no one will be able to prevent retaliation!

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Cast by 

Kenan Imirzalyoglu / Kenan Imirzalioglu

Detective Kemal Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan / Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan

Detective Settar Melisa Sozen

Yashar Ece Dizdar

Ece Dizdar Osman Alkan

Osman Alkas Ryza Aqılan

Kran Riza

Aqılan Biz Erdem Kaynarca

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