Afili Ask Turkish Drama Cast

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Afili Ask  

Afili Ask Turkish Drama Cast Story, Plot, and about Afili Aşk dizi in English.

Original title: Afili Aşk
Production: ARC Yapım
Producer: Fatih Enes Omeroлуlu / Fatih Enes Ömeroğlu
Director: Serdar Gözelekli
Screenwriter: Rüya İşçileri Team, Barysh Erdogan, Ilker Arslan / Barış Erdoğan, İlker Arslan
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Premiere: From June 13, 2019 at Kanal D

Afili Ask Turkish Drama Cast

Afili Ask Turkish Drama Cast


Kerem is the son of the old Yigiter family, which owns a textile business.

He is a charismatic playboy.

And besides, very smart, his innovative idea saved a company on the verge of collapse, thereby becoming its leader.

He was able to become the head of the company, but in the eyes of his father Mukhsin, he did not become a man.

Because Kerem loves to take a walk, drink, leads a loose lifestyle.

Aiche works in the atelier of Kerem, she leads a dull and boring lifestyle under the oppression of two brothers – one of them is a despot, the other is an idler.

Aisha herself is a smart, beautiful, friendly, cheerful girl. Her only hope is Burke, whom she has long met. She wants to marry him and leave her current life behind. However, the brothers decide to marry her to Sabri, a wealthy guy from the area,

Aiche tells Burke that they need to get married immediately. Burke, hearing about this, disappears from view.

Aisha was a modest girl from a simple area, but after receiving a blow from both her family and her beloved, she decides to do something for herself. Kerem is pushing her to this decision, not knowing yet that he himself will become a victim of Aiche.

Aisha slanders Kerem, and he has to marry her. And this will be only the beginning of the adventures in which they plunge along the path to crazy love.

Previously, the series was planned to be called “Bad Girl / Kötü Kız”



Агağlar Ertuğrul агaларlar Ertuруrul – Kerem Yigiter
Burcu Özberk – AIChE
Taner Rumeli – Rysa
Zeynep Tuугçe Bayat / Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat
Ugur Uzunel – Erkut
Neshe Baykent – Yelda Yigiter
Altan Erkekli – Muhsin Yigiter
Gyuzide Durmaz / Güzide Arslan – Gonja Durmaz
Serkay Tütüncü – Surtach чekerek
Benian Dönmez – Melahat

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